Charles "Chuck" Owen

Charles "Chuck" Owen is a St. Johns County native who knows and loves the land. Chuck is a homegrown farmer, small businessman, and entrepreneur who started his farming career in 1980. He has over 40 years in soil and water conservation experience.


Chuck, former owner and operator of Chuck Owen Farms Inc., grew up in Hastings in a large farming family (The Lee family of Bulls-Hit Ranch and Farms and JEN-SAR Produce). He attended St. Augustine High School and began farming with his uncles and cousins in the 1970's. Chuck owned and operated multiple businesses in St. Johns County throughout his career, including a transportation and logistics company, a produce stand at DuPont Center, and a cabbage and potato farm in Elkton. Chuck is a member of the Florida Farm Bureau, former member of the North Florida Potato Growers Association, and now works as the Farm Manager of Barnes Farm in Hastings, Fl..

Chuck is married to a local Minorcan, Melissa McCall Owen, who is a Realtor at Coldwell Banker. They have four children who live in St. Johns County. Two are teachers, one is an assistant state attorney, and one is a wonderful mother of two beautiful girls.

Chuck's Mission

Chuck is running for Soil and Water Conservation District to bring common sense and experience to government. 


Chuck's believes government should work with taxpayers to conserve our land and water - not work against them.

Chuck's goal is to find funding (without raising taxes) to provide homeowners, farmers, and businesses with low volume irrigation systems to lower the over all consumption of water.

Chuck will advocate for more investment in water conservation by seeking available grants and programs that will allow farmers and private property owners to conserve water. For example, current government funding provides landowners with a chance to install Euro drain irrigation systems. Euro drain systems deter runoff and fertilizer leeching because it is a subsurface system and dispels water into the soil from under the ground (this prevents water evaporation). Chuck believes more investment in these systems benefit the public because these systems have shown a 50 percent reduction in water consumption amongst our local farms.

Teaching the next generation to love our land and water is a passion of Chuck's. Through the 90's and early 2000's, he coordinated with local schools to bring the kids out to his farm in Elkton to learn about the land. As your supervisor to the Soil & Water District, he plans to work with our farmers to partner with local schools to educate our community on best management practices.

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